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We’ve been serving locals for years and continue to pride ourselves on having something for every taste. Whether you’re passing by Longreach, catching up with friends for a few rounds or just stopping by after work; The Longreach Tavern is the place to be. If you're grabbing a bite to eat, match your meal with a local or imported drop from our extensive wine, beer or spirit list at our bar. If you don't see it in our fridges, simply ask one of our friendly staff and we might be able to grab it from our bottleshop for you.




Whether it’s an after work drink, catch up with mates over the game or an afternoon session on the weekend, you’re sure to enjoy your time with us. We’re serving up ice cold beers (either on tap or in cans / stubbies), pale ales, ciders, alcoholic ginger beers, pre-mixes, plus a great selection of wine and spirits.

There’s never a dull moment at the Tavern, so come for one and stay for a few!

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We offer 5 beers & 1 alcoholic ginger beer on tap. They are:

Great Northern Original (4.2%), Great Northern Supercrisp (3.5%), XXXX Gold (3.5%), GOAT Lager (4.2%), Victoria Bitter (4.9%) & Brookvale Union Alcoholic Ginger Beer (4.0%).

Tap beers are served in 3 sizes: Pints (570ml), schooners (425ml) and pots (285ml)



The only thing better than a delicious pub meal is a refreshing drink to go with it. Stop by the Bistro Bar and enjoy the perfect accompaniment to your meal. 

In addition to the beers we have on tap, we also have a wide selection of beers in our bar fridge - everything from lagers to craft beers to pale ales to dark ales to no-alcohol beers and more!

We also have an impressive selection of spirits for you to choose from. You name it, we have it.

On top of that, we stock ciders and premixed drinks in our bar fridge for those who can't quite make up their mind and just want to go with one of the basics.

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Looking for a wine to accompany your meal? We boast an impressive wine list that is available all day! And if you're not sure what you want, speak to our friendly staff and they will happily offer recommendations.




If the Cellarbrations Bottleshop is closed, we provide afterhours over-the-counter alcohol takeaway at The Longreach Tavern bar. Whether it's a bottle of wine, a spirit bottle, a 6-pack of beer or a carton of beer - we've got you covered. So if you're looking to take a couple of beverages home after dinner, simply ask one of our friendly staff and they will have it sorted for you.

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